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New Outgrabe single: "Night Elf Chicks"

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Here's one for all our Wowie friends! No noobs were harmed in the making of this track. : P

New Outgrabe Live Recordings From the Archives - 1995

Before the college radio hits, the international airplay, and the film festivals and awards, Outgrabe was a small group of opera nerds who wandered the streets of San Francisco, accompanied by a homeless guitarist, a violinist who had just been kicked out of boarding school, and a hirsute conga player.

Here are two songs from a live performance at the Artist's Cafe in the Mission District of San Francisco, in late 1995.

San Francisco Dreamin' mp3 - Our little spoof

All Along The Watchtower mp3 -We zagged around the Jimi Hendrix Experience with our wah-wah violinist. Bonus feature: first public mention of "Outgrabe."

Outgrabe single and video: "My America"




This rousing anthem is based on a famous poem by Robert Burns, updated to reflect today's America. Featured on the Current TV UK home page and also in the 2009 Heart of England Film Festival, 2009 Tregor Film Festival in France, the International Film Festival South Africa in October 2009, and many others. festival info

"Love Cream Pie" music video in film festivals worldwide






Featuring Chloe Calaveras, the Suicide Girls, and womyn of all kinds.Interested in naked hurdle-jumping? This is for you. Now in film festivals in Brasil, Cairo, Florence. Honolulu, Thailand, and, yes, Des Moines. Winner of "Best Avant Garde Film" in El Sawy Inernational Film festival, in Cairo, Egypt. Banned on YouTube after 560,000 hits.

TV interview with San Francisco film critic Jan Wahl


Christopher St. John appears on film critic Jan Wahl's live morning show and discusses the Outgrabe music video "Canta Succubi," which played at the 2006 AOL Latino Film festival and two San Francisco film festivals in 2007.

"Canta Succubi" music video in U.S. film festivals




Filmed on location in Vinjales, Cuba, then animated. Seen in the 2007 San Francisco International Arts Festival, the 9th Annual San Francisco Black Film Festival, and 2006 AOL Latino Film Festival.

"Almost Home" video in film fests in Africa and Europe




Nightmare with a man, a monster, a woman, and a shotgun. As seen in the Golden Lion Film Festival in Mbabane, Swaziland, the Moondance Film Festival in Hollywood, USA, the DigiFestival in Florence, Italy, the Planet Ant Film Festival in Detroit, USA, and others.


"Bullet the Blue Sky" - Outgrabe CD

"St. John's and Calaveras' lavish sounds and vocal harmonies pulsate positive energy in synch." -- Dnevnik, Novi Sad, Serbia

mp3 Bullet the Blue Sky lyrics video
mp3 We Like Angels Never Weep lyrics
mp3 Kingdom of La Lu Lay lyrics


"City of God" - Outgrabe CD

"A must-have for Rodney Crowell or Cruzeros fans, this disc tempts you from the fringes between mainstream and alt-country with a touch of funk and psychedelia." --Stylus Magazine, Winnipeg, Canada

mp3 City of God lyrics
mp3 Love Cream Pie lyrics video thong
mp3 Almost Home lyrics video
mp3 Witching Hour lyrics
mp3 Wasteland lyrics
mp3 Canta Succubi lyrics video
mp3 Tequila Mockingbird lyrics


"Love in the Time of War " - Outgrabe CD

"Outgrabe has the ability to sound like LA punk legends X at some points and Heart at others." -- Zero Magazine, San Jose, USA

mp3 Love Me lyrics
mp3 Love in the Time of War lyrics
mp3 Mistress of Ecstasy lyrics
mp3 Sweet Dreams in the City lyrics
mp3 We Like Angels Never Weep lyrics
mp3 We Don't Die lyrics


"Love & Death " - Outgrabe CD

"If English minstrels used buzzing electric guitars and borrowed heathen ululation, they might sound something like Outgrabe, if they weren't burned as witches first." -- Express, Oakland, USA

mp3 Strange Days lyrics
mp3 Twa Corbies lyrics
mp3 We Like Angels Never Weep lyrics
mp3 We Don't Die lyrics
mp3 Mistress of Ecstasy lyrics
mp3 Falling Down lyrics
mp3 Under a Harvest Moon lyrics
mp3 Catherine lyrics
mp3 Tam Lin lyrics
mp3 And She Said Come lyrics



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