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New Outgrabe single released: "Night Elf Chicks."

Here's one for all our Wowie guildies and friends. A little goth-rap number about the yearning one has for the tres elegant and lithe creatures that exist only in World of Warcraft: The Night Elves.

No noobs were harmed in making this track! Electric dulcimers FTW!

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"My America" video nominated for "Best Short Film Under 5 Minutes."

Based on the famous poem by Robert Burns, the "My America" music video was featured on the Current TV UK home page in 2008. And in 2009, it appeared in many film festival across the world.

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"Love Cream Pie" video banned on youtube

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"Love Cream Pie" wins "Best Avant Garde Film" in El Sawy International Film Festival.

The "Love Cream Pie" video grrl-power romp has now appeared in many film festivals worldwide, and is slated to appear in more festivals through the end of 2009.

You won't see it on youtube though. After 560,000 views, it was discovered and banned. Awww...

Film fest honors include:

Winner, "Best Avant Garde Film," 2009 El Sawy International Film Festival, Cairo, Egypt

Winner, 2nd Place, Music Video Category in the 2009 California Online Film Festival

Finalist, "Rising Star Award, 2009 Canada International Film Festival

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