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New Outgrabe single released: "Night Elf Chicks."

Here's one for all our Wowie guildies and friends. A little goth-rap number about the yearning one has for the tres elegant and lithe creatures that exist only in World of Warcraft: The Night Elves.

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Final tally on"My America" at film fests is in.

Film festival appearances and honors include:

Nominated, "Best Short Film Under 5 Minutes," 2009 Heart of England Film Festival, Tamworth, England

Nominated, "Best Music-Based Film," 2009 International Youth Festval, Barry, England

Finalist, "Golden Palm Award," 2009 Mexico International Film Festival, Rosarito, Mexico

2009 Tregor Film Festival, Lannion France

2009 London Independent Film Festival, London, England

Nominated, "Best Short Film Under 5 Minutes,"2009 International Film Festival South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

2009 Ireland International Film Festival, Ireland, Galway, Ireland

2009 International Film Festival Thailand, Phuket, Thailand


"Love Cream Pie" wins "Best Avant Garde Film" in El Sawy International Film Festival.

On April 9th, "Love Cream Pie" was awarded "Best Avant Garde Film" at the El Sawy International Film Festival in Cairo, Egypt. The ceremony was held in the Nile side gardens at the El Sawy Culture Wheel, and film makers from Egypt and around the world attended.

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"Love Cream Pie" wins 2nd Place in the Music Video category at the 2009 California Online Film Festival.

Outgrabe's "Love Cream Pie" video continues its mission to bring fun to the world. At the most recent California Online Film festival, sponsored by, "Love Cream Pie" was awarded second place in the Music Films and Videos category. visit the site

"My America" video slated to appear in the International Film Festival South Africa in October 2009.

Spend a few days next fall in the the southern foothills of the Drakensberg Mountain Range, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. And while you're there, take in some of the new features and shorts at the International Film Festival South Africa. festival site

New "My America" video featured on the Current TV UK homepage.

Near the election, Current TV picked up the new "My America" political music video and featured it on the UK home page. Current TV UK was lauched by Al Gore's Current TV America in 2007. mp3 video lyrics

"Love Cream Pie" in Mix Brasil Festival with screenings throughout Brasil.

The 16th Annual Mix Brasil Film and Video Festival of Sexual Diversity includes "Love Cream Pie." This festival launches in Sao Paulo in November 2008, and then travels to Rio de Janeiro, Braslia, Porto Alegre, and Guarulhos. video mp3 lyrics thong

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