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2009 Heart of England Film Festival to feature "My America."

If you're going to be near Tamworth, England in June 2009, stop in and see "My America" and the many other cutting-edge films that will be screening--including Keifer Sutherland's new documentary, "An Unlikely Weapon." mp3 video lyrics

"Love Cream Pie" to be screened at the 2008 Girl Fest Hawaii Film Festival in Honolulu.

2008 Girl Fest Hawaii, the 5th annual gathering in Honolulu in support of women's empowerment, and in opposition to the worldwide epidemic of violence against women, will be screening "Love Cream Pie" this November. video mp3 lyrics thong

"Love Cream Pie" featured at the 2008 Wild Rose Film Festival in Des Moines, Iowa.

A fiercely independent artist's enclave, the Wild Rose Film Festival in Des Moines, Iowa, will be playing "Love Cream Pie" in November 2008, along with many other explorations of America's heartland values. video mp3 lyrics thong

Prick up your ears, gentle traveller, and you will hear even more.

DigiFestival 2008 in Florence, Italy to include "Love Cream Pie."

DigiFestival 2008 will be running from August 15 through September 15, 2008. They featured our animated "Almost Home" video in 2006. Nice to be back! video mp3 lyrics thong

"Love Cream Pie" video inspires a blend of tea.

"Decadent strawberries in chocolate drizzled in rich cream on a firm gingerbread base. Not a shy blend." Thanks to tea enthusiast Sarah Brown. check it out

"Almost Home " featured on

'This is the place for the latest, edgiest digital animation. Check it out at

"Canta Succubi" appearing at VisionFest07 film festival in New York.

'The VisionFest07 Film Festival will be at the Tribeca Cinemas in New York. "Canta Succubi" will be screened on Friday, September 21, 2007. This is the second year that an Outgrabe short film has appeared in this venue. Be sure to drop by from September 19th-23rd for cutting edge cinema from all over the world. small large youtube

Live television interview with film critic Jan Wahl on KRON-TV.

Fresh from a dustup with Quentin Tarantino, San Francisco-based film critic Jan Wahl interviewed Christopher St. John on the KRON-TV morning show on May 19, 2007. St. John appeared as part of a panel of three guests talking about the upcoming San Francisco International Arts Festival. He discussed his short film, "Canta Succubi." Viewers who tuned in got to hear Christopher utter pithy phrases like, "There's a lizard eating a mouse. It's not as horrible as it sounds. Okay, forget about that part." small large youtube

Dissolver Magazine checks out "City of God"

"SAN FRANCISCO -- Why am I reviewing a CD that came out five years ago? Because Outgrabe is a musical duo that’s worth a mention, but they’re a multi-talented couple that has been busy enough with projects to make City of God the most recent of their full-length releases. In 2004, they came out with a three-song EP titled Bullet in the Blue Sky. And they haven’t exactly been quiet since then, despite a lack of studio-recorded-and-album-released music. In fact, they’ve been quite busy, making multi-media music that combines their songs with film skills to create eye-catching music videos which have caught the eye of the film festival circuit." read the whole review


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