"Love Cream Pie" music video in film festivals worldwide.

This gril-power romp features Chloe Calaveras, the Suicide Girls, and womyn of all kinds. It recently passed 560,000 views on youtube,and was then discovered and banned.

Winner, "Best Avant Garde Film," 2009 El Sawy International Film Festival, Cairo, Egypt

Winner, 2nd Place, Music Video Category in the 2009 California Online Film Festival

Finalist, "Rising Star Award, 2009 Canada International Film Festival

Nominated, "Best Music Video," 2009 International Youth Festival, Barry, UK

Other film festival appearances include:

2009 International Film Festival Thailand, Phuket, Thailand

2009 Ireland International Film Festival, Galway, Eire

2008 DigiFestival, Florence, Italy

2008 Wild Rose Film Festival, Des Moines, USA

2008 Girl Fest Hawaii, Honolulu, USA

2008 Mix Brasil: Film & Video Destival of Sexual Diversity, Sao Paulo, Brasil -- with additional screenings in Rio de Janeiro, Braslia, Porto Alegre, and Guarulhos

Banned on youtube

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"Canta Succubi" video at film festivals in 2006-2007.

Filmed on location in Vinjales, Cuba, with animation added in the studio. This video takes viewers on a journey through death to redemption, in a land where it's always afternoon. see live TV interview

9th Annual San Francisco Black Film Festival, San Francisco, USA

2007 San Francisco International Arts Festival, San Francisco, USA

2006 AOL Latino Film Festival, New York, USA

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"My America" video featured on Current TV UK home page in 2008.

This rousing anthem is based on the famous poem by Robert Burns, updated to reflect today's America. It was featured on the Current TV UK home page during November 2008.

Film festival appearances and honors include:

Nominated, "Best Short Film Under 5 Minutes," 2009 Heart of England Film Festival, Tamworth, England

Nominated, "Best Music-Based Film," 2009 International Youth Festval, Barry, England

Finalist, "Golden Palm Award," 2009 Mexico International Film Festival, Rosarito, Mexico

2009 Tregor Film Festival, Lannion France

2009 London Independent Film Festival, London, England

2009 International Film Festival South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

2009 Ireland International Film Festival, Ireland, Galway, Ireland

2009 International Film Festival Thailand, Phuket, Thailand

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"Almost Home" at film festivals around the globe.

Visit a dream noir landscape of pure id, where nothing is real except a man, a monster, a woman,and a shotgun. mp3 video lyrics

2007 Tiburon International Film Festival,Tiburon, USA

2006 Golden Lion Film Festival, Mbabane, Swaziland

2006 Moondance Film Festival, Hollywood, USA

2006 DigiFestival, Florence, Italy

2006 Planet Ant Film Festival, Detroit, USA

2006 Renderyard Short Film Festival, London, UK

2006 VisionFest, New York, USA

Winner of five Telly Awards, New York, USA

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Outgrabe dressup!

By controversial artist Normal Bob Smith, famous for his dressup Jesus pages.

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