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San Francisco, CA

September 17, 1998


SAN FRANCISCO -- This San Francisco quintet takes its name from Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass, in which Humpty Dumpty tells Alice that "outgribing is something between bellowing and whistling." Although that's a creative source, it's a terrible description of the band that offers what it aptly describes as Renaissance rock. Composed of classically trained musicians, Outgrabe merges undeniable musical skill with a combination of '60s psychedelia, dulcet folk and faerie rock. Dark topics fill the intelligently composed album, including vampires ("We Don't Die") and the end of the human race ("Under a Harvest Moon"). Seemingly influenced by Jefferson Airplane, Outgrabe likely chose its slightly cryptic name in tribute to the band infamous for "White Rabbit." (Sarah Quelland)


BAM: California's Music Magazine

San Francisco, CA

February 12, 1999


SAN FRANCISCO -- For those who always wondered what became of the more eccentric members of their high school Gamers Guild, Outgrabe may provide the answer. This San Francisco quintet dresses up in velvet and lace, plays festivals and street fairs, and sings about fairies and vampires. The music is approriately dusky, filled out by dense guitar chords and layered Appalachian-style vocals. Not much bandwagon-jumping going on here, then. (Aidin Vaziri)


EXPRESS: The East Bay's Free Weekly

Oakland, CA

April 23, 1999

OAKLAND -- If Renaissance English minstrels used buzzing electric guitars and borrowed heathen ululation, they might sound something like Outgrabe -- if they weren't burned as witches first. (Sam Hurwitt)



San Jose, CA

July 1999

SAN JOSE -- Locals Outgrabe have forged a niche for themselves in this vast and varied Bay Area music scene. It would be a daunting task to pigeonhole this lot, as there isn't much else on the market quite like them. Their style seems influenced by 70's prog-rock, traditional folk music, and a bit of the 16th century Renaissance. The music on this disk evokes visions of dragons, kings, and court jesters, making even the most rigid of Trekkie blush. (Jim Kaz)



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