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Winnipeg, MB

January 2003

Music Reviews

WINNIPEG -- City of God, the latest from Outgrabe, is country through and through...just not the highly marketable variety currently crossing over into pop. A must-have for Rodney Crowell or Cruzeros fans, this disc tempts you from the fringes between mainstream and alt-country a la Guitar Town Steve Earle, but with a touch of funk and psychedelia.

Vocal duo Chris St. John (think Steve Earle with more vibrato) and Chloe Calaveras (think Natalie Merchant with a Texas twang) weave an intricate web of harmonies throughout the entire album as they alternate lead and harmony duties effortlessly. There is a sweetness to Calaveras's voice that smoothes the rough edge of Chris St. John's gritty vibrato. Handling the production duties themselves, the attention to detail and lush arrangements yield a clean warm sound with psychedelic undertones. Outgrabe, after all, is a word invented by Lewis Carroll to describe "something between belowing and whistling, with a kind of sneeze in the middle," and that "when you've once heard it, you'll be quite content." While not a landmark album, "City of God" deserves mention for it's consistency and subtle psychedelia. It is to alt-country what "It's a Beautiful Day" was to folk music. (Broose Tulloch)



Malverne, NY

January 25, 2003

CD Reviews

MALVERNE -- Music with a message, or that seems to be the theme. One track in particular, "Almost Home," talks about a best friend killing his friend's father for abusing him. A little R.E.M. alternative sounding... a little short for a full-length album, but still, it's interesting. (Maria Spanadoris)



St. Petersburg, FL

February 24, 2003

Music Tracks: New Releases

ST. PETERSBURG -- City of God by Outgrabe is a CD of punchy pop songs which showcases the band's commitment to melodic singing and evocative lyrics. The lively instrumentation includes cello, flute, bozouki, didgeridoo, acoustic and electric guitar, keyboards, percussion, drums, and bass. The songs are wide-ranging in topic: love, loss, god, sex, guns, driving, witches, and transcendence. Outgrabe has developed a sound with an emphasis on hooky, lyrical songs, and melodic singing.



Atlanta, GA

February 10, 2003

City of God is an original release by an outstanding band

ATLANTA -- Outgrabe's release entitled City of God features seven incredibly new and original songs. The band features prominently the vocal talents of both male and female - Christopher St. John, who, along with vocals displays his talent with an acoustic guitar and Chloe Calaveras, who reminds me of Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac. Both vocalists take a new approach with each song, singing both duets and taking the lead individually.

The original sound of Outgrabe is emphasized by their choice in instruments. Calaveras supplements her musical talent with the flute while St. John performs unusual instruments like the electric dulcimer and didgeridoo. What, you may ask? Some research into the world of music reveals that a didgeridoo is an instrument made of Australian wood native of the Aborigines. An authentic instrument gives an authentic sound to Outgrabe.

Aside from their original sound, original lyrics also play an important role in Outgrabe's music. Songs like "Witching Hour" call to the Seven Sisters constellation (and Calaveras adds a Stevie Nicks-like witchy sound as she takes the lead). And "Tequila Mockingbird" plays on the words of the famous novel.

There is no other band similar enough to Outgrabe for comparison. The solo songs of Stevie Nicks could encompass some of the sound when Calaveras takes lead vocal and a little more trembling voice of Jack Johnson could begin to describe the sounds of St. John. Aside from small comparisons, though, Outgrabe presents their audience with a unique and original sound not found anywhere else. (Denise Kosmetatos)



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