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Milwaukee, WI

October 17 , 2005

MILWAUKEE--Fleetwood Mac meets U2 meets Simon & Garfunkel. This folk-rock duo from San Francisco, Outgrabe, is a husband-and-wife team that's been taking North American college radio by storm since 2000. As Accent on Tampa puts it, "The songs are wide-ranging in topic: love, loss, god, sex, guns, driving, witches, and transcendence. Outgrabe has developed a sound with an emphasis on hooky, lyrical songs, and melodic singing."



Novi Sad, Serbia

November 7 , 2005

Radio Fedra Feaures "Outgrabe"

Something Between Whistling and Sneezing

NOVI SAD --The radio-show "Promophone", broadcasted at 106.8 MHz on Thursday nights, was created as a result of cooperation between the radio-station Fedra, located in Zrenjanin, Serbia and Montenegro, and thousands of musicians not yet known in our country.  This week Fedra will feature the band Outgrabe.

Outgrabe was founded about ten years ago in San Francisco as a quintet, with its music much resembling this city's Golden Era (at those times, its hippy communes created an avalanche of movements against war and racism, for sexual liberties and civil rights... hmm, so, everything we now consider normal).  As typical heirs of "Jefferson Airplane", they recorded the album "Love & Death" in 1997.  The songs "Strange Days", "Twa Corbies" (i.e. "Two Crows") and the phenomenal "We Like Angels Never Weep" showcase the young authors' enormous talent.  The music abounds with unconventional sounds made by instruments such as cello, flute, bouzouki or didgeridoo (an Australian wooden instrument played by the Aborigines).

Then follows the album "Love In The Time Of War" (1999) developing a sound based on melodic singing and evocative lyrics.  Afterwards, the band starts to dissipate, and now consists only of Christopher St. John and Chloe Calaveras (who affects the sound in such a manner that it sounds like "Fleetwood Mac" in its best days).  This vocal duo, supported by studio musicians, records the album "City Of God" in 2002.  The title song is a personification of a classic radio hit every musician would like to have.  The song "Love Cream Pie" is a top-level contra pop and dance pattern.

"Outgrabe" became very popular on college radio-stations, and in 2004 they recorded the "Bullet The Blue Sky" single which brings them closer to a harder and more contemporary sound.  If you get a chance to listen to some of their works, be sure that you will be impressed with St. John's and Calaveras' lavish sounds and vocal harmonies pulsating positive energy in synch.

"Outgrabe"?  As told by Christopher and Chloe, this is an invented word taken from the "Alice in Wonderland", describing a kind of sound between whistling and sneezing.  Not very important.  The important thing is that we are expecting their concert in our country next year!

Genre: folk, pop, rock, celtic, psychodelic. (Dragan Stajic) (Translation by Aleksander Vasiljevic)

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