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Louisville, KY

November 28 , 2005

Outgrabe's "Bullet the Blue Sky" Music Video Racks Up Awards

LOUISVILLE -- In early 2005, Boojum Records created a documentary-style music video to accompany Outgrabe's recording of U2's classic anti-war anthem, "Bullet the Blue Sky." This gritty yet moving video has helped spark the widespread airplay of "Bullet the Blue Sky" in North America and Europe. At the 2005 Telly Awards, one of the premier international shows for television and video, the "Bullet the Blue sky" video was honored by judges around the world with two Tellies and one finalist trophy.

Recently, Outgrabe’s "Bullet the Blue Sky" music video won a 2005 Silver Davey Award as well. This show, sponsored by the International Academy of the Visual Arts, honors groundbreaking creative productions by indie firms.

These awards are just the latest recognition for Outgrabe, the San Francisco pop rock duo that has been taking North American college radio by storm. Now playing on almost 700 radio stations around the world, Outgrabe's new version of the San Francisco sound has been hailed by the press as something new, evocative, sexy, spooky, and transcendent.

For example, Accent on Tampa, St. Petersburg, FL, said: "Outgrabe has the ability to sound like LA punk legends X at some points and Heart at others. The two harmonizing vocalists of the group, Christopher St. John and Chloe Calaveras, intertwine their complementing roles with a smooth and dark twist."

And Zero Magazine in San Jose, CA weighed in with: "Outgrabe's release entitled City of God features seven incredibly new and original songs. The band features prominently the vocal talents of both male and female - Christopher St. John, who, along with vocals displays his talent with an acoustic guitar and Chloe Calaveras, who reminds me of Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac."

A sneak preview of Outgrabe's newest music video can be seen at Free mp3 downloads are available there as well. CDs are may be purchased at and many other outlets. (Janice Hergovy)




San Francisco, CA

Spring 2006


SAN FRANCISCO--These sites show the best of the Bay Area online community—both in display and local design talent. Check out the following sites for a splash of inspiration. {this site was mentioned along with,,, and others}

Outgrabe is a local band with quite an interesting following. Unlike many other band sites we've visited, you almost immediately get the sense of whimsy and joy that Outgrabe's creators intend. Fans of the old "Colorforms" will appreciate the ability to play dress up with the band members. Free music downloads along with press info, schedules, and a little bit of philosophy round out a very fast loading site. If you want to see how a site can be elegant, simple, fun, and effective all at the same time, check out Christopher St. John creeated this site along with help on the dress up pages by Normal Bob Smith in New York. (J.S. Gilbert)



San Francisco, CA

May 2006

The Tower Records Podcast, hosted by the redoubtable Michelle "Misha" Lemire, featured music and converation with Outgrabe and The Red Thread recently. listen


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