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Paris, France

June 2006

Une vidéo en noir et blanc, et surtout un très bel exercice de style pour ce clip d’Outgrabe. Le graphisme rappelle le film d’animation Renaissance. {this French pop culture magazine featured the Outgrabe "Almost Home video on its web site.}



Murfreesboro, TN

July 18, 2006

Bullet the Blue Sky Entices, Confuses

MURFREESBORO -- Christopher St. John and Chloe Calaveras, the dueling vocalists who make up the heart and soul of eclectic, San Francisco art-rockers, Outgrabe, deliver something of a head-scratcher on their three-song EP, Bullet The Blue Sky.

The title track is, of course, an impassioned cover of the classic U2 anti-war diatribe, delivered amidst wailing air raid sirens, and thundering tom toms. St. John gives his trademark vibrato full head while Chloe bobs and weaves, whispers, cajoles, wheedles and seduces with her alternately sultry and ragged alt-Stevie Nicks delivery. The duo return to more familiar territory with their second remake of “We Like Angels Never Weep” from their 1997 debut, “Love & Death.”

“Kingdom Of La Lu Lay,” the lone new track on this EP, harks back to Outgrabe’s penchant for injecting the mythical (and somewhat incomprehensible) into their lyrics. “I’m going to hooma hooma hooma hoo all day,” St. John chants. I’m sure that means something, I’m just not sure what. But then, that’s the beauty of Outgrabe. It doesn’t have to make sense to be cool.

Bullet The Blue Sky serves as an adequate introduction to the band, but if you really want to experience Outgrabe, you might be better served by checking out their post-folkadelic 2002 release, “City of God.” {Mike Parker}



July/August, 2006

One interesting aspect of being the editor/publisher of a music publication is the fact that it sometimes forces you to go beyond the boundaries of what you may ordinarily list too. It just backs my theory that there shouldn’t be so many music “genres” or “labels” to define what people like or think they would like or dislike. Sure, there would be a few to distinguish the obvious like acoustic, Classical, “dark” or maybe even “electronica.” However, other than that, the only two labels there should be are BAD MUSIC and GOOD MUSIC .

Outgrabe’s EPK listed them as “Adult Contemporary” music which invoked thoughts of what is this, Yanni or Barry Manilow? Not that these artists aren’t good at what they do (and have sold the CDs to prove it), but just something that I wouldn’t go out of my way to listen to. But, because we were behind, I was forced to go outside my usual listening areas to listen to Outgrabe. Like usual when I do this, I end up being surprised at how much I enjoyed listening to this material. This happened when I listened to Outgrabe.

Invoking visions of less produced Stevie Nicks in some songs, the songs were well written and structures, the production values were high and the overall material was great. I very much enjoyed the vocals especially the harmonies and exchanges.

Being somewhat involved in the Wicca lifestyle, I had to listen to the song called “Witching Hour.” This was a very Stevie Nicks’ish song. The song has great vocals and music; very mellow and melodic yet progressive. Very enjoyable guitar and string work as well.

My next favorite song is a number called “Almost Home.” The song opens with music that instantly made me think of a old western movie…. Clint Eastwood riding out across the desert into the sunrise…… Then the words kicked in and immediately reaffirmed my thought….

“Bring a sandwich and a twelve-gauge
We will ride on while the night fades
When we see the sun’s very first rays
Then we’ll know we’re almost home”

This was a very interesting song that, in some ways, reminded me of bits and pieces of REM material. Great song. I think this band is surely worth a listen by anyone. Some of their material is kinda “soft rock” or “adult contemporary” but other material leans more alternative to alternative / rock in nature and fell. Overall, this band was very enjoyable and a great listening experience. Then again, if you are a head banger and it just isn’t music unless you can mosh to it, this band may not be for you. Anyone else however, give them a listen! {Bob Donovan}


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