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Florence, Italy

August 2006

Outgrabe - "Almost Home" Music Video

FLORENCE --An elegant black and white animation videoclip, released by Christopher St. John, also singer and guitar player of the San Francisco duo.
A dream/nightmare flavoured clip. A man, a woman, a wolf and gun. The animation design is played all around the full-empty effect of light and shadow. The sound of the music is mature and elegant and reminds a bit the first Chris Isaak, the one of "Wicked Game" album. Just a touch of colour at the end of the video, when evil is won and love triumphs.



Edinburgh, Scotland

October 2006

Outgrabe - "Bullet the Blue Sky"

EDINBURGH -- I'm never sure it's wise to introduce yourself with a cover version, especially when the Sepultura version of this U2 song was so definitive. But this San Francisco duo manage to twist things enough to keep you listening for more.

And when their original music begins it was certainly worth the wait. 'We Like Angels never Weep' could have sat easily on one of Jefferson Airplanes early seventies albums and 'Kingdom Of La Lo Lay' on an early Jefferson Starship album. You get where I'm going with this:-)

It's very West Coast, very out of time and because of that, quite timeless. Definitely one to investigate.



San Francisco, CA

May 2007

Outgrabe - "City of God "

SAN FRANCISCO -- Why am I reviewing a CD that came out five years ago? Because Outgrabe is a musical duo that’s worth a mention, but they’re a multi-talented couple that has been busy enough with projects to make City of God the most recent of their full-length releases. In 2004, they came out with a three-song EP titled Bullet in the Blue Sky. And they haven’t exactly been quiet since then, despite a lack of studio-recorded-and-album-released music. In fact, they’ve been quite busy, making multi-media music that combines their songs with film skills to create eye-catching music videos which have caught the eye of the film festival circuit.

2006 found Outgrabe’s music video for the moody love song “Almost Home” at film festivals from Hollywood (Moondance Film Festival) to Florence (DigiFestival) and 2007 has kicked off the same way with the video making its way to the Tiburon International Film Festival. Other music videos by the duo have also gleaned recognition from fans of both film and music. In fact, Outgrabe simply has a presence which is permeating the world. It certainly helps that they’re happy to spread their stuff, readily giving away stickers and magnets and letting you access their songs and videos for free download on the site. It’s hard not to notice a band that’s been making music since the mid-‘90’s and isn’t interested in limiting itself to one arena of the art world.

But let’s go back to City of God. because the album gives insight into the nature of Outgrabe’s music. They're an alternative folk duo pulled together by the thread of dueling male / female vocals, and tightened up with just a hint of pop to keep their music fun and flirty. There’s a sense of magic throughout the CD, as though this couple is living out some sort of fairy tale that they’re happy to sing about for you, giving you sprinkles and sparkles from their own magical existence in the form of upbeat attitude and a diverse range of instrumentation. Even in the songs that have a darker moodiness to them, there is a general optimism to the music which makes you find it fun to hear. Combined with the visual talents put to use on the music videos still being spread around the world, this makes for music which hangs around long after the fad it could’ve been has faded. (Kathryn Vercillo)



San Francisco, CA

May 19, 2007

Live television interview with film critic Jan Wahl. Christopher St. John discussed his short film "Canta Succubi" as part of a panel of three guests whose work will be appearing in the San Francisco International Arts Festival. (Clink on these links to check it out.) small large youtube



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