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Billet doux, manifestoes, insinuations, and lies. Provocations, curses, love letters, and barbs. All courtesy of snail mail, email, and the Web. Read on for your delectatation. Send your unfounded supposition to


Letter: "Danger, beauty and flirtation entwined"

Thank you for your CD, Christopher. The lyrics are so beautifully written and I love the style in which it's written. Some songs make me feel like I'm walking into another place. The music is beautiful too. I have a dulcimer too and although it's lovely, I can't play it. It's a poetic instrument. I write poetry and want to sing.

I wonder how you interpret your songs. Where do these ideas come from? When I see and hear them it's like danger, beauty, & flirtation entwined. I started writing more poetry now. Mostly simple level - like about people's experiences. Now I want to write about a pain experience and more abstract subjects which are harder to expose to people. I started reading books about castles and legends. Not just about beautiful castles but about the people that lived in them. These kinds of books talk about more unusual things, not just general subjects. I have a book about how knights came to be historically, so that is another reason I like your songs. And it's helping me to write poetry. I want to write songs.

I love your accent, Christopher. Where are you from? You have the coolest pictures. You are an attractive man. I love your group picture. I cherish this unique and special music. It's not like any other. Thank you again.

Juliette, Hayward, CA


Email: "That stupid jesushatesoutgrabe website is still up"

I see that stupid jesushatesoutgrabe website is still up. I hope you're sending them lots of evil thoughts, Or praying for them, Or something. I know I am.

Lisa G., Biloxi, MS


Email: "Outgrabe groupies"

Got your new CD and we think it's great!!!!!!!!!! We want to see you perform and become Outgrabe groupies.

Kent and Sara, San Rafael, CA

Email: "Reminded me of Concrete Blonde."

Just wanted to tell you again how excited I was (and still am) to hear your music. Reminded of when I first heard Johnette Napolitano of what used to be Concrete Blonde and how I followed her music even up until today. I think more people need to hear your music. I've told my friends to stop by and give a listen.

I hope to catch another one of your shows soon. And if there's any help I can offer to get your music spread across this solar system, drop me a note.

Andrew, Pleasanton, CA


Email: "I guess you think you're pretty clever."

Just because you're on the radio doesn't mean you can say whatever you want. I know my rights and I know what's right for this country. I guess you think you're pretty clever. Just be aware that I'm watching you.

Eskaton, The Lord's Vineyard


IM: "You guys are an inspiration to me"

Hey, I've been listening to yer albums non-stop since they arrived. I am even more impressed now than ever. You guys are an inspiration to me and my own music.

Hope to see you on tour real soon...

Ernst, DJ - WAIH, Potsdam, NY


Email: "We are angels ."

When I first heard your new song, I knew one thing for sure: We are angels. Thanks you for showing me to myself. And thanks for showing me that in my dark little world, I can still fly.



Email: "Say what?"

Are you from another time or something? I mean, really, say what? I'm not sure I like this kind of music. It gives me the creeps.




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