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Blog: "Jezus haat goeie "

Jezus haat goeie gothic: outgrabe.


Blog: "Gratis leuke liedjes downen?"

Gratis leuke liedjes downen? Outgrabe, gothicbluesrock renaissancerock. Wees alleen wel gewaarschuwd want Jezus haat Outgrabe. Petra


Hello. I don't speak Dutch anymore (I tried to study it for almost a year at college to no avail). I would like to say hello to all from San Francisco and from the band Outgrabe. Thank you for mentioning us. We'd love people in the Netherlands to have our music. I sing and play flute for Outgrabe. Our music is free to everyone on our website. I hope you like it. I would love to talk with you across the internet! All the best and of course peace. Chloe


Hi Chloe. This certainly is a nice surprise. :) Untill yesterday I'd never heard of Outgrabe but then I found your banner on Vampire Freaks and now I'm hooked. You have such a beautiful voice. I downloaded all your songs and put my mediaplayer on repeat. Putting up a link to your site is just my way of saying thanks for the great music. Nice to know it's appreciated. Petra


Hi Petra. Thank you for liking our music :) I can't tell you how wonderful it is to hear that you're hooked! We loved, loved, loved making the music and will be making much more! Thank you, thank you. Chloe


Dear Chloe, Shouldn't this be the other way around, me thanking you instead of you thanking me? After all, you and your band are the ones who so generously share their music. I'm on the receiving end... So, thank you! Liking is a bit of an understatement. I love your songs, maybe just as much as you loved making them. The chemistry between you and Christopher is almost tangible. The jesus hates outgrabe site is hilarious, if listening to you means losing my soul, than that is a price I'll gladly pay. Love, Petra


Amazon review of Love & Death: "Wow."

This is an album to listen to over and over and over again (I have been lately!). Everything from beautiful, heartfelt renditions of traditional tunes (Tam Lin, Twa Corbies), to modern ballads like Catherine and Under a Harvest Moon. Outgrabe has a sound like a more indie Blackmore's Night and the same poetic sensibilities. In a very short time, this has become a treasured part of my musical library.

Cateline "Cat", Victoria, BC, Canada


Email: "Is it 'Out-grahb' or 'Out-grayb'??"

As we will soon be featuring the band Outgrabe on Outbound Music Internet Radio, we are wondering as to the preferred pronunciation of the band's name. Is it 'Out-grahb' or 'Out-grayb'?? Thanks, R. Dan Park (Mr. Dan)
Host DJ, Outbound Music Internet Radio


Hi R. Dan,

Nice to hear from you. It's pronounced "Out-grayb." This is a word from The Jabberwocky poem in Alice in Wonderland. Lewis Carroll
rhymes it with "wabe." Thanks for including us! Christopher & Chloe



Just as I was telling Courtney Delaney, I'm a student of oral
interpretation and Reader's Theatre. 'Jabberwocky' is my favorite of all
'Nonsense Verses'.

Centuries(!) ago during my boyhood, I heard a 78 rpm record containing this
poem, narrated by the late actor, Cyril Ritchard. He used the pronunciations
'wahb' and 'out-grahb' on that recording, and that has stuck with me all of
these years... I wonder if he was deferring to another term used in those
lines, 'momeraths', which would certainly have had a 'short a' sound as in
'mome-rahths'. Interesting... but then, what did we know in the 50's?

We will, of course, go with your version as below (which I actually like
better anyhow). RDP


Email: "I would like to write about Outgrabe"

Dear Friends,

I would like to write about Outgrabe in regional (Serbian) newspaper. Could you send me 2-3 photos ( via e-mail ) of the band, please !

Best wishes,
Dragan Stajic
Radio Fedra



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