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Blog: "Awesome like an awesome thing"

Has anyone used Rhapsody? I can't rummage through their catalog without
downloading something, which I don't feel like doing. Itunes has a lot of the
music I like, but they make it difficult to get an actual "MP3" file. Napster
and MSN Music have crap selection--rather, I have crap taste, they have a good
selection of things other people like, but NOTHING from Dead Hensons, Flash
Girls, Darkest of the Hillside Thickets, or any of my other dubious favorite
bands. Advice? SpottyLogic


Can't help you with Flash Girls except pointing out that all their albums are
currently in print, but Lorraine a' Malena (the Lorraine is the Lorraine from
the Flash Girls) have a few downloadable tunes on their site, and Outgrabe had a ton of free downloads, and they're awesome like an awesome thing. Darkest of
Hillside Thickets... why not email them and ask? If they know there's a demand
they might make downloads available, especially to people who'll pay for the
songs they like. atalantapendrag


Email: "Slinkyrama."

Hey, that dressup thing is pretty kewl! Chloe, your outfits are so cute. I came over from the Designs by Bear site. I'm going to get some slinkyrama stuff too. Thanks for inspiring me!



eBay Australia: "Outgrape"

OUTGRAPE-CITY OF GOD....With three CDs on the college radio charts since 2000, this San Francisco folk-rock duo is bringing a new and different music sensibility and melodic male/female singing wide and growing audience.

Reviewers have hailed "City of God" as "lush," "haunting," "evocative," "glistening," "hooky," and "incredibly new and original."


Email: "Fantastic reactions "

This is great music as we really want to hear it. All the numbers are in our playlists now ! We received some fantastic reactions from our listeners. We wish you all the best with this cd. Merry Christmas!

Erik Vande Voorde, Radio Beiaard, Belgium


Email: "What the dickens is this?"

At first listen I thought "What the dickens is this?" Now I can't stop listening to it. AMAZING STUFF!!!

Mark O'Neill, 3WAY FM Radio, Warrnambool, Australia


Blog: "Outgrabe: Found! "

I love different versions of Tam Lin--I just got a few off an audiography link, too! The Fairport Convention one has long been a favorite, and I just got versions by Mediaeval Baebes, Bill Jones, Anne Briggs, and Pete Morton. Have you any others? amamuensis1


Well, you can get Outgrabe's off their website... I have the Les Barker parody (which is a MUST), the Current 93 gothy version, Steeleye Span's, Pyewacket's, Rick Lee's, and I might have to re-rip it but I have the Tempest version as well. Also the Three Weird Sisters song "Discovery", which is a creepy song from Tam Lin's point of view as he plots using Janet to serve his plans. atalantapendrag


Outgrabe: Found! Les Barker, Current 93, Steeleye Span, Pyewaket, Rick Lee: Can't find in a downloadable (purchasable) format. Will keep looking! Tempest: Oh! I forgot, I do know that one; just that I have it on cassette. Three Weird Sisters: Found on iTunes! Ooh, I listened to the sample and that's neat. I may have to purchase that one. Thank you so much for letting me know about these! I'll keep looking for more! amamuensis1


Steeleye Span's is from the album Tonight's the Night: Live!, and if you like Steeleye Span, it's a good album in general. Not at all like the Fairport/Tempest/Outgrabe arrangement. IIRC the Pyewacket and Rick Lee are much like the Anne Briggs version. atalantapendrag



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