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Email: "You can't sit down if you listen to it ."

A pretty surprise to hear the album " City of God" by Outgrabe. Also the difference between the lead vocals of one song by Christopher St. John and in the other song by Chloe Calaveras.I can't say which I prefer. If I hear the one, than I think "It sounds" very nice". When I hear the other singing I think the same. Both makes Outgrabe great. Why I choose "Love cream pie". I don't know excactly, but I should can play another song. For sure in the future I will do. "Love cream pie" is a heavy loud song; but not to loud. It is song, that you will remember, when you have heard it. It is a song with some humour in it lines. And you can't sit down if you listen to it. A little bit surprising is the lead hammon organ in the middle of the song, but it fits right with the solo guitar.

Jan Nederveen, Radio Heerde, Holland


Blog: "Tunes with haunting melodies."

Re: tunes with haunting melodies. Aye monkeyos, you must of course be careful, when you say Tam Lin, to point out that it is indeed the Reel you are talking about & not the famous old Scots Ballad:

Hear the tune here:

& here:

& The Lyrics:


Email: "This is the one I would like to play with my wife at home"

Could you please send me the chords and musical notes for the song "We Like Angels Never Weep?" I'm interested in other songs too but this is the one I would like to play with my wife at home. (I play the guitar and she plays the flute.) Thanks!

Dragan Stajic, Radio Fedra


Site: "Amnesty International Music for Human Rights"

Popular Music: Outgrabe. When you buy music from through this site, Amnesty International gets a percentage of the proceeds. So, purchase some music today and help support Amnesty's lifesaving work! It is that simple!


Site: "Hard Rock & Metal Artist Album Reference "

Love in the Time of War: Similar to etheral bands like The Gathering.


Email: "Let's get grabey wid it!"

Oh, jeezis, guys. I am like so totally blown away by your City of God record. I didn't think I would feel this way about music again, but here I am. That CD is a true album, and all the little haters can just go fuck themelves. Let's get grabey wid it!


Blog: "Tam Lin love. "

The little things start to consume my life, and it is more enjoyable for that.
If there is not an anime made of the French Revolution, there needs to be. There are so many beautiful people and so many striking characters and so much shouting and blood -- it just needs to happen. (And if it's already happened, where may I find it?) What is Fnord? Butler Rangers! Nerd Porn Auteur: "First I want to copy her Trig homework, and then I want to make mad, passionate love to her for hours and hours until she reluctantly asks if we can stop because she doesn't want to miss Battlestar Galactica." Outgrabe has some Tam Lin love for those with working download-fu. Katrina: The Gathering (now with new additions) azurelunatic


Blurb: "I'm a 20something poet. "

Seacastle Press is home to poet Catherine Dewbre. I'm a 20something poet living on the West Coast of British Columbia. I'm a medievalist, a history buff and a night owl. I'm active in the SCA and I enjoy knitting and other fibre arts. My favourite music to write to runs the gamut from Depeche Mode to Stevie Nicks to Outgrabe.


Email: "Blessings!"

Your group sounds great! I was researching the Child ballads and came across a link to your site & I'm so glad I stumbled across you. I got a giggle from
"hater" site. Now I have to get some CD's so I can share with friends. Thanks
for making beautiful music.

Nuala Seamus



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