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Some electronic musings for your edification. Share your restless dreams by emailing


Letter: "Last one in San Jose"

A friend recommended your music. He picked up your CD after reading the Metro review - probably grabbed the last one in San Jose. I used your website to get the ordering info. I'll continue to check it out. Hope to hear you play soon.

Michael, San Jose, CA


Email: "Chloe, you are a goddess"

I don't know if I would recognize an otherworldly personage on the street, but I would know you. Chloe, you are a goddess. You have made me strong. Keep on giving to all us grrls. You are my fav.



Note: "Really dug it!"

Really dug it! Besides the high degree of overall musicianship and band tightness, I think the group has cultivated a very identifiable sound.

Larry, Berkeley, CA


Letter: "If pain were inside of you, you do not deserve this"

Christopher, you are very special. My story poem to you: You win women's hearts with your romantic, sensual voice. Your taste in music is divine. So is your romantic taste. And you are like a story waiting to be unfolded. You feel subjects in such a way. If pain were inside of you, you do not deserve this. You love from soul, honesty, and daringness. Why don't other souls share this? They shall long for you and miss you. Follow your heart. There is a secret history of you. You're ingenious & inventive and a true lover. With your cleverness, you see things people don't see.

Juliette, Hayward, CA


Email: "I cried."

I've never written to a band before, but I just had to tell you that the first time I heard "We Like Angels Never Weep," I cried. Thank you, Outgrabe, for creating this wonderful song.

Shayla, San Mateo, CA


Email: "I been listening to your death song."

Fucking hell, I'm surrounded by morons. I been listening to your death song, Twa Corbies, and I'm here to tell you it kicks fucking ass. How long is it going to take before people wake up and see death staring us in the face?"


Email: "How long have you been singing together?"

Wonderful. I just close my eyes and drift. Your harmonies snuggle up like two close friends. How long have you been singing together? This music reminds me of something, but I just can't put my finger on it. Will you do another CD soon?



Email: "Why do you hate all that is good and wonderful?"

What is your problem? Why do you hate all that is good and wonderful in the world? I read what you said about our site. Have you been harmed by someone? Tell me and I will help! Or else you may be going down the wrong path.I love you, even though you hate me.

Morgan, El Paso, TX


Email: "I wish I could play like that. "

Hey, nice job on your new tunes! I wish I coulkd play like that. Are you using a Martin with an internal mic or something similar? I really dig that round, plucky sound.



Email: "Moonlight and roses. "

Far from home, I put on your songs and dream of moonlight and roses. Where are you? I want to go there. Is there an oak tree there? Is something burning? I want to go where it is always Satyrday.




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