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Rumors - Page 4

Presented to our readers in the spirit of transcendence. Distribute your notions by emailing


Email: "You are strong and I want to be strong."

Chloe, I wish I could be like you! You're so beautiful and I'm sure you always know what do to in any given situation, like in Witching Hour where you are powerful. You're strong and I want to be strong and big.



Email: "Don't even pretend you're fucking holy."

Yah, you have this cloak of righteousness, but I know it ain't so. It's people like you who are bring us down. Go kill yourselfs.

Mark Hawsenn, Bakersfield, CA


Email: "Its' funny and it's also kinda hot"

S'up, Outgrabe? I like your "Love Cream Pie" song. It's funny and it's also kinda hot. It's kinda like punk and kinda like funny.

Dook of Hazard


Email: "I hatecher crappo singing "

WTF? Are you from another time? I hatecher crappo singing. If I want nice music I'll listen to Toto.

Fuckoff, ihatepopmusic


Post: "Love Me" is hilarious"

Ha, "Love Me" is hilarious. I like it mucho. Nice guitar sound, interesting concepts going on. Keep it up.

Spencer, MA


Email: "Sometimes it's like despair, but then I come back."

I was toasted and listening to KMUD the other night. I heard your "Bullet the Blue Sky" song come on, and it was like I was in the war zone. I couldn't understand your name when they announced it, so I searched around a little —- I thought it was Outrage? -- Outscape? --and I finally came up with your site. Thanks for the free download. I dig this song and it really shows me what I think about this war. Sometimes it's like despair, but then I come back and want to kick ass.

Breauxboi, Houma, LA


Max, American Canyon, CA


Email: "I'm not going to sit still for this."

I know you're such God damn big shots. And you're big in Europe. So what. You aren't welcome here where people care about values. So go ahead and post this. I don't care. Someone has to say what's right. Go to France, you assholes.





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