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Letter: "Well, for Christ's sake"

You've got to take a second and listen to us. There are people out here who don't agree with you. It's not that we think you are fools. But we do think you are dangerously misguided.

If I could take you in my hand and show you the Truth, I would. But I know that you would not listen. Well, for Christ's sake. Yes, for Christ's sake.

Do you not hear the tempter knocking at your door? It is not simply the world that is calling to you. The temptations are larger than that, aren't they? Come back to us, Chloe. Come back to us, Christopher.

Please let us know if you get our letter. Time is running out.

In his love,

Clay and Sheila, Tifton, GA


Email: "I don't know who I am "

My heart was torn the other day. I heard that song of yours on the radio. Kingdom of La Lu Lay just tears me apart. It's like I know where I'm going, but then I don't. I have loved others before, but I don't know about this.I don't know who I am.

The fact is, I am going to be seperated soon. It has bveen nine years now, altogether. I hurt so much. I hope you have some wisdom to share, It seems like you do. Thanks anyway.



Jessica, American Canyon, CA


Email: "You are fucking nuts, lady."

You are fucking nuts, lady. That rugmuncher song of yours is so wrong. I am a woman and I have female friends of all kinds, but I am no lesbian. Do you think that is right? Don't bother to answer. But sheesh!



Email: "Bibbity boom!"

Love your new song. Bibbity boom!".

Shaniqua, LA

Email: "Ain't nothing for me."

It's easy for you to act like everthying's good , Chloe. You've got a great music career and a strong and talented man. Just don't get in my face about it, ok? Ain't nothing for me. I mean, I know any person might do that. It just seems like you are more like a regular girl. I guess it's cause I'm from near your home town.



Email: "That "Witching Hour" song is pretty kewl."

Everyone knows they's no such thing as witches. But that song makes me feel like I am. My girlfriend likes it, too. You and Christopher are like a dream for us. We don't want to find a guy, but we do, too. So the thing is, we want to be sort of like strong witches. That "Witching Hour" song is pretty kewl. Well, I guess this sounds stupid. But we don't mean it like that.

Mo/Heather, East Stroudsburg, PA




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