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Email: "You make me feel happy and sad at the same time."

Zzawow! You make me feel happy and sad at the same time. Is that normal? I got yer CD when my brother told me about it. I hope you keep doing everything. Peace out.

Ashala, Van Nuys, CA


Email: "Am I obsessed or what?"

So I saw another ex-MORGbot posting on this site. (Search engine turned it up. Am I obsessed or what?) I've been listening to City of God and I see why the OP said what they did. Are you XTBM, I wonder? Something about your music suggests that to me. Well, I guess I'll just take you as a companion on on my journey.

Does anyone else see something outside? I would love to hear. I know it seems dark to me now. I gotta go soon, but for now, I'll just sit here and post and listen and think my own thoughts. In the name of NOM,



Mason, Seattle, WA


Email: "You seem so young."

Your ancient/modern thing intrigues me. It reminds me a little of Steeleye Span, do you know them? They're one of the original now/then music explosion bands from England in the 60s, colleagues to Fairport Convention. You seem so young to be able to tap into such a deep/earth/ocean sound. I've liked your last two CDs. "Bullet the Blue Sky" seems kind of harsh and political. I prefer other songs of yours. But I guess with your current political situatoin, I can't blame you.

Karl, Birmingham, UK


Email: "Are you a bunch of lesbians?"

Who's the writer? Are you a bunch of lesbians or what? I'm no Republican, but you've gone beyond the normal. This is total hilary territory.



Email: "We don't have to kill to win!!"

I love U2!!! I love this version of Bullet the Blue Sky!! It's so heavy and horrible!! I love the siren!! I love the fighter planes!! I hate this fucking war!! We don't have to kill to win!! Who's running this country?? We need to make ourselves heard!! F'heit 9/11, baby!! Look to your heart!! Your innermost heart!! Everyone, get out and vote for sanity and peace!! I beg you!! Really, I beg you!!



Email: "You talk about your conception of angels as computers."

Well, I heard your new song Kingdom of Lalulay on the way to work, and I wound up downloading it from your site. (Thanks for sharing your music, BTW, that's good karma for sure.) Anyway, I wonder where you're at. I mean, in the big scheme of things. In your radio interview, you talk about your conception of angels as computers. Is that what you really think? I'm not sure where I'm at on this, but I know I want there to be more than I see when I'm driving to work past the Walmart and the DairyQueen.

It sounds funny, but some days I feel like I'd kill somebody to know the truth and not just all this crap that comes out of my car speakers. And this whole election has me on edge. Well, there you go.




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