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Email: "U R an American band?"

Saw you on U R an American band? Glad to see not all Americans are in favor of the war.

Klaus and Jen, Norskjold


Email: "I think you have a vision."

Our pastor don't like you. And has that site We listened to your CITY oF GOD song. I think you have a vision. Well, I think you are OK. Be safe.



Email: "WTF?"

I know you.And your "music." WTF? Don't pretend you are for this country!



Email: "If I could save you, I would"

Time is drawing short. If I could save you, I would. Please look at yourselves and consider. Are you right with the Lord? Are you washed in the blood of the Lamb? Are you ready for Him who comes like as Thief in the Night? Please pray.



Email: "Yo, MORGies"

Yo, MORGies. You must be exers. I feel like I know you. I have to get out of here. I look to your music to help me. Is there any easy way out? No, and you know that.

Keep up your temple recommend,

Esther (mom of 3) , Tempe, AZ


Email: "Upside down good.."

Everyone's telling me bad news. But you're saying something else. It's all upside down good where you are. So thanks for saying something I want to hear.

Pat4Life, inthe Philipines, baby


Email: "I am feeling my love for you."

Beautiful man. I am feeling my love for you. No one is so kind and loving as you. I need to feel your strong arms around me. Don't make me wait, my love. My angel. My lord. Let me know you, hold you, kiss you. I know this sounds crazy but I am to be yours. Pls answer soon.



Email: "Are you Xtian?"

I heard you are not Xtian. We went to the state fair this year and this song was playing on the speakers of this throw-em booth and my kids knew what it was. My impression was, it was not Xtian. Are you Xtian? I don't think that everything my kids listen to has to be Xtian , but I would just like to know.

I think it's important for our kids to grow up with values. You (Outgrabe) look like you have good values, but you never know. I just need to know who is #1 in your heart? I'm not going to let my kids be led astray by some San Francisco band.

On the lighter side, I like your clothes. Do you make your own clothes Chloe? If you don't, do you know where I can get them?

Jeremiah Lady, Greenville, NC


Email: "Egregious wanderer, I. "

I set my sword and spear aside (in the back seat of my Corolla) and I turn up my collection of Twa Corbies recordings. For a while, I remember who I am. Yes, me. Egregious wanderer, I. Dark winds fear me. Red eyes avoid me. I'm not a cube potato. I'm a man, dammit!




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