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Email: "War is so destructive."

Thanks for remaking Bullet the Blue Sky. I started liking that song after my brother got wounded in Desert Storm, and I have liked it ever sense. It's cool to have a new version. And I like the sound FX, too. And then the best thing is how it shows war is so destructive. I think U2 originally wrote that about the Battle of the Falklands?

Are you big radicals? I heard some of your other stuff and it sounds kind of spooky. That's nice, too. It's hard to be radical all the time. Especially in MY family.

EyesofBlue, Tifton, GA


Email: "I will smile."

You like angels never weep. Neither do I. No matter what happens in this country, I will smile and stand up and not let anyone take it away from me. When I get done working my shift, I will put my American flag on my antenna and drive proudly through the streets of my town.

I don't know if there can ever be love in the time of war. But I will try. I will truly try.

Juanita, St. Cloud, MN


Email: "We want big shoes!"

Long live majik! Me and my friends like your witchy songs a lot. We are witches and will soon be going into the 6th grade. We play "Witching Hour" and put spells on guys.

Do you know if we could a spell on one of our enemies? She is always being mean and stuff. Just kidding. He he.

We made a sign that says "Witches Only" and put it up on the door of me and my sister's room. The other night we were asking the Ouija board stuff and it got a little creepy. Yah, but witches like it creepy.

Chloe, we saw your picture in something where you had the coolest shoes. Where do you find shoes that are so big? We want big shoes

Christopher, Melissa thinksyou are cute. She made me say that! No, she didn't! Okay, I'm not going to backspace over it.

Anyway, luv U! Blessed be!

TheSpookyGrrls, Sakatoon, SK


Email: "Very moving."

I found "Tequila Mockingbird" very moving. Thanks for making this song that is so real. I'm sure you know what you are talking about.

Bobby H., Austin, TX


Email: "I'm glad to hear the truth on the radio."

Well, there's nothing like music that says what is. Your Bullet the Blue Sky speaks truth to everyone. I'm glad to hear truth on the radio. I've heard the election results now and I know what we're in for. Thanks for putting the truth out there and I hope you continue to do so.

Susan, Richmond, IN


Email: "It's cool when the planes fly over."

Okay, dude and dudette. I like your Bullet the Blue Sky song. It's cool when the planes fly over. Okay,that's it.

ChalkyBoi, Garden City, NY


Blog: "Tam Lin squeeage and rambling."

Squeeeeeeee! Outgrabe has the mp3 of "Tam Lin" on their site now, and it rules. Same basic lyrics as the Fairport Convention, but with a completely different sound unlike the Tempest rehash version. The updated site is total eye candy in general, all you Pre-Raph whores out there (and I know you're out there) gotta take a peek.

Now I just need to get hold of the Mediaeval Baebes version. Anyone wanna buy me a copy of Mirabilis for my birthday? (j/k)




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